bioavid Diagnostics News

Dec. 2010:
bioavid Diagnostics is launching test kits for the detection of Soy and Walnut residues in environmental samples, like food production lines. The tests work like the other bioavid tests quick (ca.10 min for soy and ca. 15 min for walnut) and sensitive (1 ppm for soy and 10 ppm for walnut).
The portfolio comprises now 15 different kits for food allergen detection plus accessory kits.
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Nov. 2010:
bioavid Diagnostics is now offering certain food allergen test kits in the format for 10 determinations.
A test kit contains all components for the analysis of 10 prepared samples: 10 Reaction Vials with specific antibodies, a dropper bottle with Running Buffer, 10 Allergen Test Strips, Instructions For Use, and a Positive Control.
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